Hall Of Fame

Our Life Members are those who have made significant contributions to the sport, normally by putting in a lot of work over a very long period of time. The "Hall of Fame" comprises skaters whose performances in skating competitions, generally at international level, have added to the prestige of WA skating.

Life Members


Hall of Fame

Mrs Alma Millett
Mrs Patricia Wallace
Mr Eric Millett
Mr Dennis Lomman
Mrs Margaret Hutchinson
Mr Barry Andrews
Mr Gary Crow
Mr Clive Riste
Mr Harry Kingston
Mrs Kaye Jackman
Mr Mike Poli
Mr Jamie Reid
Mr John Revnak
Mrs Audrey Kingston
Mrs Rosa Elrick
Mrs Pauline Robertson
Mrs Lyn Poli
Mrs Morag Pallister
Mr Allan Wehlow
Mr Mark Forrester
Mr Bill Begg
Mrs Cheryl Begg
Mr Brian Cross
Miss Desly Hill
Mrs Jonelle McKane
Mr Adrian Lomman
Mr Stephen Whyte
Mr Ricky Cresswell
Mr Anthony Dodd
Miss Jodie Hutchinson
Mr Brad Hollingbery
Mrs Linda Noble